Weddings on Short Notice

If you are planning your wedding in a short time, you are no doubt aware that there are numerous details you need to nail down quickly.  At the top of that list should be selecting and ordering your invitations.  Without invitations you won’t have any guests to witness the marriage and to share in your special day.  Invitations should generally be sent six weeks before the wedding.  Invitations to out of town guests should be sent eight weeks before the wedding. 


One misconception that people have when planning a wedding in a hurry is that it takes too long to have invitations printed.  On the contrary, many companies print invitations rather quickly, a normal turn around time is 10-14 working days.  Several companies offer a rush service, at no additional charge, for couples whose wedding will be held in the next two months.  Two of these companies will ship the printed product the same day the order is placed and will upgrade the shipping while only charging the customer ground shipping rates. 


Even though a couple may be short on planning time many don’t want to forgo all of the extras such as calligraphy.  Although many calligraphers will accommodate brides who need envelopes addressed quickly, during peak wedding season this may not be an option. 


Another choice would be to opt for machine calligraphy.  Many companies are now offering this service to the brides who order from them.  Brides can have the names and addresses printed in the same ink color and font as their invitation.  Although it may add 3-4 working days to print the envelopes, when the order arrives the bride only needs to stuff, stamp and seal – everything is ready to go in the mail.


Another option many couples, especially those whose wedding is just weeks away, opt for is to select an invitation from the product we carry in the store and take it home to print.  Although this look has a more casual feel, it is a great alternative for couples that “just need to get them in the mail.”  Doing something along these lines not only allows you to print and mail your invitations quickly, but also allows you to incorporate colors and themes reflecting the style of your wedding that may not be available through invitation albums. 


Although we don’t recommend waiting until the last minute to order your wedding invitations, it is possible to obtain an invitation reflecting your style in a short amount of time.


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