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THE WEDDING…every waking moment is consumed with ideas, plans, color schemes, toasts and the ultimate fear of.. wardrobe malfunction.  Is my dress too bare, is it too sexy for the Mother of the Bride.  Will I look like a fool 20 years from now when my grandchildren see the pictures and video?  For 6 months my head spun with wedding frenzy.  Finally, after all the decisions were made, I spent the remaining months and days before the wedding fantasizing how this beautiful, magical day would unfold.


Up to this point, the wedding was nothing more than a microcosm of scripted and choreographed events yet to take place.  And take place they did!  Things I planned and things I didn’t.  Every moment was even more glorious than my daydreams.  But moments slip away.   After every guest was hugged and kissed goodbye, I turned to survey what was left of one of the most memorable nights of my life.  And then with a giggle I said, “I can’t wait for the video!”


For several months we anxiously anticipated the moment when we’d be able to relive this incredible event.  Last night our entire family gathered around to watch ourselves celebrate the wedding all over again.  We watched in awe as the beautiful music played and all those precious moments unfolded.  Through a heightened sense of emotion, it occurred to me that this DVD was the closest thing to life itself.  Being able to hear Grandpa’s opening prayers and family toasts for generations to come made it clear that this “disc” (DVD) would be a cherished possession. 


Pat Moran of Premier Images, our videographer, added her sense of spirituality and sensitivity as she captured all the precious moments like the Father-Daughter Dance.  There was that tear, that proud smile, that special bond that exists between the Bride and her Dad.   Among the best moments was how Pat prompted all the guests — one at a time, to wave at the camera from their seat at the table.  Now we can easily look back and appreciate all the family and friends who attended.


We’ve had the video for several weeks.  I must admit, I’ve been back there at least 9 times – I just can’t get enough…but this time as a guest.  And I keep having a wonderful time!!!    My advice to every bride, “life is made up of memories, document them and celebrate them!”


Note.  Sandy Jablon is the mother of our cover bride, Rachel Jablon Margalit, for November-December 2003.  We thank her for taking the time to write for this issue


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