Saving the Memories

The wedding is over – said and done.  What’s left are amazing memories and beautiful pictures.  And for today’s brides and grooms, the options for how to preserve those pictures and have their albums tell are story are plentiful. 


Gone are the days of yellow, aged pictures in stark white albums entitled “Our Wedding”.  Today, albums can be created with texture, European leathers, specialty papers, collaging, art and style.  You name it.  The albums of today are made using the latest digital technology and graphic design elements to produce breathtaking results.   The terms used to describe these albums are many.   They’ve been called flush-mount albums, collage albums, art albums, coffee-table albums, magazine-style albums or digital albums.  The list of names can be confusing.  But in the end, whatever the name, these albums have revolutionized wedding photography story-telling.


“Our wedding album is amazing – we can’t stop looking at it”, says Dr. Amber Burnette, an April 2004 bride.  With today’s digital technology, photographers have the ability to take more pictures, allowing for images that can be used as a background for a thematic spread such as the first dance.  These albums have even started to incorporate poetry and text.  Perhaps the words to the first dance song.  Personally-written vows.  Anything goes.


In some cases it may be your photographer who designs the album, but many photographers also opt to let the album company’s graphic team come up with the designs.  Either way, the goal should be to design pages that best capture the moments of the wedding day.   Whether the story is told in a chronological format beginning with the getting ready shots, or the entire book highlights just the poignant moments between the couple, these albums can make you smile, laugh and cry.


The Brides and grooms enjoy seeing their images from a new perspective when they see their layouts for the first time.  More often than not, they like to get involved in the design process, making suggestions for poetry, background photos, order of pages or even color schemes.  After all, it is, ultimately, their album.  Or more appropriately put – their treasure.

Magazine-style albums can be a wonderful keepsake that make your memories last a lifetime.   Ask your photographer for more information about the magic of graphic designed wedding albums.


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