Redesigning Your Wedding Gown

Is your wedding gown close to, but not quite the perfect dress?  Do you want your dress to look like a couture gown with couture features?  Would you like to wear your mother’s wedding dress for sentimental reasons, but it’s just not your style?  Then consider redesigning your wedding gown?


What is redesigning?  It is changing a gown to meet your specific desires.  Examples of redesigning a bridal gown might include but are not limited to:


    Making a gown strapless

    Adding or removing sleeves

    Making a ball gown into an A-line or sheath

    Changing the shape of a neckline or backline

    Raising or lowering a neckline or backline

    Adding a detachable train

    Adding an overlay of a lighter, translucent fabric

    Raising or lowering a waistline

    Adding buttons, beads, flowers, bows, etc


Why would you choose to redesign?  Redesigning is a great solution if you can’t afford the couture gown that you love, but still want the features and look of couture. Redesigning takes less time and often is less expensive than designing a gown from scratch. 


If you bought a dress and your taste has changed, or it just doesn’t excite you now, don’t start looking for a new dress.  Redesign the one you have.  Redesigning gives you a one-of-a-kind dress with your own personal touches.  And finally, redesigning is fun.


How do you get started? Buy a basic dress or one that is close to your “dream gown”. Or pull your mother’s dress out of storage.  Find a designer/seamstress who will work with your ideas.  Give the seamstress your budget and get estimates for all your ideas. Be aware that the longer it takes to do the work, the higher the price.  For example, plain straps will cost less than beaded straps, which will cost less than solid bead straps.


Finally, have fun!  You will walk down the aisle in a special, unique, and very personal gown.  What a wonderful gift for yourself and for your husband-to-be.



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