Colorful Menus

As the seasons change, I notice the array of colors chosen by the brides for their color schemes will change as well.  Recently I have noticed that pink is back in a big way.  Soft pinks, cool pinks, and pastel pinks, seem to be everywhere lately, in bridesmaids’ dresses, flower bouquets and centerpieces, in pink topiaries and nosegays.


Cornflower blue and country blue are very popular now as well.  The strong medium blue color is beautiful in gowns and on table displays, especially with high quality silk arrangements on buffet table arrangements with blue linen fabric color accents.  Soft country blue tulle swags with flower clusters are wonderful on garden arches and aisle runner stanchions.


Lavender and Victorian periwinkle are very popular now and the antique lace accents in the gowns and table displays are lovely.  Lavender is beautiful with soft cream colored roses or lavender roses and soft purple shades can be blended with sage green for a rich spring garden feel that is unsurpassed.  We sometimes serve lavender lemonade, which matches the bride’s color scheme.


Seafood as part of the catering menu has become popular, especially with the recent availability of high quality fresh seafood in Arizona. In addition to availability there are more brides in the valley from places like the Pacific Northwest, the West Coast and New England, who love seafood and enjoy serving it to their guests.  Baked halibut with an apricot sauce or salmon skewered hors d’oeuvres with a lemon mustard dipping sauce are delicious and healthy Fresh chilled crab and shrimp served on ice in a large silver bowl, with sliced lemons and a tangy cocktail sauce is always a crowd pleaser.


Many brides include a vegetarian dish, as more people cut back on red meat and dairy products.  Eggplant Parmesan, pasta primavera or fettuccini Alfredo are all alternatives to a chicken or beef dish.  An abundant fruit platter with a wide variety of more exotic and tropical fruits such as honeydew, seedless watermelon, star fruit, mango, papaya, fresh berries and pomegranate add color and nutritional value and are enjoyed by everyone.  A large silver bowl of ripe California strawberries served with fresh whipped cream and a sprinkle of sugar will be a hit and every last strawberry is usually eaten to the bottom of the bowl.


Chocolate fountains are everywhere and whatever the function, whether it is a wedding, a corporate event or holiday party, the chocolate fountain is enjoyed by all.  An assortment of fresh pineapple, pound cake or angel food cake, pretzels and cream puffs around the fountain can bring on a feeding frenzy.  Though an added expense, the good quality Belgian chocolate fountains now found in the valley are worth the expense, if you are looking for a crowd pleaser.


Although colors change and menus adapt to new trends, the overall experience of serving family and loved ones a beautiful meal in a warm and inviting atmosphere on the wedding day, can be as unique and varied as the brides who design them.  They all bring us joy and a sense of new beginnings, as we participate in this joyous and happy day.



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